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Weaver Auto Parts has a high-tech, sophisticated machine shop with modern equipment and well trained, experienced machinists available at all of our locations. No machining job is too big or too small. Minor machining jobs are done at every location while major jobs are handled by one of our three larger shops in Sauk City, Portage and Madison West. Weaver machine shops can service automotive, truck, and industrial machining jobs. Our experienced machinists have the best skills and understanding of the latest reconditioning techniques.

Take a look at our machine shop services list below. If there is something you donít see, get a hold of our trained machinists today to discuss your needs.

Machine Shop Services Available

Align Boring
Brake Drum & Rotor Machining
Cam Bearing Service
Camshaft Align Boring
Cleaning and Degreasing
  Glass Bead

Boat Prop Repair
Connecting Rod Service
Crack Detection
  Magna fluxing
  Pressure Tests

Crack Repair
Crankshaft Grinding
  Auto and Light Truck
  4,6,8 Gas and Diesel
  Small Engine

Crankshaft Polishing
Custom Aluminum Welding
Cylinder and Block Sleeving
Cylinder Boring, Deglazing, Ridgereaming
Cylinder Head Service
Electrical & Electronic Testing
Engine Balancing
Flywheel Grinding
Front Wheel Drive Axle Service
Helicoil Service
Hydraulic Hose Fabrication
King Pin Service
McPherson Strut Service
Piston Pin Service
Press Work
Radiator Repair, Recore

Ring Gear Installation
Cylinder Head and Crankshaft Straightening
U-Joint Service
Woven Brake Lining

ASE Certification

How Consumers Benefit from ASE Technician Certification

An Independent, non-profit organization, the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) has been testing the competence of automotive machinists for over 20 years.

THE MISSION was clear: develop a mechanism by which working machinists could prove their competency to themselves, their employers, and to consumers.

THE SOLUTION: a series of national certification exams covering

Cylinder Head Specialist

Cylinder Block Specialist

Assembly Specialist

THE RESULT: an elite group of automotive service professionals at work in machine shops throught the nation.

Years ago, cars were simpler, less complex. But with today's high tech vehicles, the margin for error is less. Mistakes can be costlier. It makes good financial sense to protect your automotive investment through service performed by certified professionals.

Because ASE's program is voluntary, machinists who have taken the time and expense to earn ASE certification can be counted on to have a strong sense of pride in accomplishment, which should be good news for consumers.

Moreover, prior to taking ASE exams, machinists attend training or study after work. The time they spend sharpening their skills should be advantageous to consumers as well.